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When we make our homes, we make sure that we make it the most special place we have in our lives as whatever our days or nights be like, our homes are the place where we try to find our true selves, and this true self of ours reflects in our home architecture as well. From walls to ceiling designs to the floor, everything becomes a reflection of what you want to feel when you are back at your adobe. So, here are a few exciting things that you can do to your home with tiles that can help you reflect your true self.


  • MARBLE CUBES: if you have a taste of luxury and want your property to look like some heavy-duty upscale estate then marble is the thing for you. These cubes on your entrance, porch or patio are enough to make you and your guests mesmerize in the serene beauty. Marble cubes add to the synergy of the whole design and lighten up the place because of their bright shiny texture.
  • GRANITE: If you are looking for something durable, granite should be your stop. A natural stone is perfect for outdoor applications. Granite is weather resistant and also skid-proof. Available in multiple color options and patterns, granite as an option can fit in many moods and your wallet at the same time. If you are looking for a dazzling option for your place, with the added durability then go for granite.
  • WOOD FACADE: Tiles with a wooden facade becomes a great option over wooden flooring. If you are someone who wants to be close to nature then wooden flooring is the thing for you. These tiles are very easy to maintain when compared to conventional wooden flooring. Wooden tiles don’t require time to time polishing to make them look new or fresh. Also, these tiles can have you boast an antique look to the panorama of your house if antique is a taste for you.
  • METALLIC STONE: These tiles are very new to the scene of home décor. If you are looking for an interior that is edgy in its ways, looks very new and sci-fi sort, then metallic tiles can fit in the option. Metallic tiles have created quite a buzz in the market in the year 2019-20, and with the clean aesthetics, these tiles will have a long life in the home décor market.
  • GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: Hexagonal Geometric tiles are the most popular tiles when it comes to the segment of Geometric Patterns. Add two colors, contrasting each other and what you will have with you is one great floor design that will look ever so crisp, and will always be soothing to the eyes.

Options available in this segment of the market are infinite. There are things to match up with your taste of color, shape, shine or mood. The tile trends listed above are the ones that have created an impact on the market of home décor in the last year or will continue to create an impact in the times to come. Therefore, choose wisely as your home will always be a reflection of your true self. Make sure you have got professional trusted natural stone supplier like stoneage.