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Using tiles on the kitchen floor is always a good choice. Tiles are hard, water-resistant, durable and keep off stains. They also help in beautifying the look of your kitchen. With the variety of kitchen floor tiles available in the market today in a huge array of shapes, styles and colors you might find it difficult to pick the best flooring idea to blossom the look of your kitchen at the best competitive price. Here, we will guide you on how to pick the best kitchen tile at the most competitive price. But before that, you need to have a clear idea of the different types of kitchen tiles.

Types of natural kitchen floor tiles

Indonesian is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiles specially designed to give your home a classy and beautiful look. Some of the varieties of natural kitchen tiles are:

  • Ceramic Tiles – This type of tiles is made of clay and other minerals like talc and is recommended for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. You will get them in both glossy and matte finish. One of the key advantages of a ceramic tile is, it is reasonably priced. 
  • Slate Tiles – This is a type of natural stone that is also fit for high-traffic areas at home. These are not only durable but also skid and stain resistant making them ideal for kitchen flooring. 
  • Granite Tiles – Granite is a skid-resistant material that has reduced risk from getting etched by the slipping of soda, coffee or other acidic liquids. It is not only durable but cheap too. But maintenance of this type of tile is really tough. 
  • Saltillo Tiles – If you want to attain a Mediterranean look in their kitchen, you should go for Saltillo tiles. These are handmade clay floor tiles that are aesthetically appealing. They are very delicate and requires regular sealing and maintenance.

Why opt for natural tiles for your kitchen?

Natural stone tiles are an excellent flooring choice that adds elegance to the indoor space. Natural tiles are ideal for the hot summer months to keep your home cool. Stone tiles are highly versatile and work best for fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchens. Natural tiles are available in unpredictable colors and textures and stunning designs. They not only enhance the functionality but also easy to clean.

Get tiles at a competitive price

If you look around you will come across a unique collection of natural tiles in different patterns and styles made up of original Indonesian stone. In Indonesia, there are many trusted natural stone manufacturer and supplier offering an extensive variety of products in different designs, colors, shapes, textures patterns and sizes. There are many online stores selling natural tiles you need to individually get in touch with them through their Contact Us segment and ask for a quotation. You will find that they are selling tiles at conceivable price brackets. Decide on your budget so that you can narrow down your choices and it becomes easier to take the decision.

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Natural stones have been preference for homeowners and commercial property owners both for a while. It is typically used for bathrooms, kitchens, for walls, floors, exterior paved areas, living areas, hallways and conservatories. It has remind popular compared to any other stones because of its’ several benefits and they are perfect for having a modern lifestyle. Here are 10 benefits of the natural flooring that you never know –

  • Durable choice – natural stones for external utilization have little porousness are they are glassy and weather resistant. Thus they live for a long period than the other option available for paving, might be for ages. It barely lightens in its color and loose its appearance, rather natural depreciation enhances its beauty even further.

  • Natural beauty – natural stones have patterns, grains, natural colors and veins. The mixture of all turns it into a unique stone having natural beauty that we all want to gawk at all the time with active thoughts.

  • Strong material – we all might be aware of the fact that natural stones have toughness. This means that it is a tough and hard material appropriate for external use at the pace where number of passersby is high and likely depreciation. Last thing you can expect from a natural stone is it to crack or break easily, appreciation to its hardness.

  • diversity – do search for variety in grain style, grain size, patterns, styles and colors to generate a exclusive design then natural stones have the ability to offer you the thing you want. Its each and every piece is unique so you must take out enough times to explore it and buy the best one for yourself.

  • easy maintenance – surface management like – polishing, finishing and coating turns stone into more resistant towards water, less retention of dirt and less inclined towards holding stains. Normal cleaning ways and washing methods with simple water or gentle cleaning products are perfect for bringing out the original appearance of stones.

  • Boost property cost – natural stones are considered a luxury so having natural stone installed in your property will surely result in increased cost.

  • Weather resistance – most of the natural stones are resistant towards frost and heat. Due to porousness they absorb less so they remain cool during hot season and cold season can’t crack or break the surface simply.

  • Economical – with the introduction of mining and shipping technologies, you can find natural stones in every part of the country this makes them economical and there is considerable reduction in the finishing costs.

  • Minimum wear and tear – due to its hardness they can bear huge number of passersby. You will barely any change in appearance from the frequent washing and cleaning and as you know there is hardly any effect of any weather on the stones.

  • Hygienic choice – as natural stones have proper finishing so they are less likely to retain liquid, dirt and other unsafe stuff. Their maintenance is easy and requires fewer efforts. Thus bacteria, fungus and virus never gets settle in them.

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When we make our homes, we make sure that we make it the most special place we have in our lives as whatever our days or nights be like, our homes are the place where we try to find our true selves, and this true self of ours reflects in our home architecture as well. From walls to ceiling designs to the floor, everything becomes a reflection of what you want to feel when you are back at your adobe. So, here are a few exciting things that you can do to your home with tiles that can help you reflect your true self.


  • MARBLE CUBES: if you have a taste of luxury and want your property to look like some heavy-duty upscale estate then marble is the thing for you. These cubes on your entrance, porch or patio are enough to make you and your guests mesmerize in the serene beauty. Marble cubes add to the synergy of the whole design and lighten up the place because of their bright shiny texture.
  • GRANITE: If you are looking for something durable, granite should be your stop. A natural stone is perfect for outdoor applications. Granite is weather resistant and also skid-proof. Available in multiple color options and patterns, granite as an option can fit in many moods and your wallet at the same time. If you are looking for a dazzling option for your place, with the added durability then go for granite.
  • WOOD FACADE: Tiles with a wooden facade becomes a great option over wooden flooring. If you are someone who wants to be close to nature then wooden flooring is the thing for you. These tiles are very easy to maintain when compared to conventional wooden flooring. Wooden tiles don’t require time to time polishing to make them look new or fresh. Also, these tiles can have you boast an antique look to the panorama of your house if antique is a taste for you.
  • METALLIC STONE: These tiles are very new to the scene of home décor. If you are looking for an interior that is edgy in its ways, looks very new and sci-fi sort, then metallic tiles can fit in the option. Metallic tiles have created quite a buzz in the market in the year 2019-20, and with the clean aesthetics, these tiles will have a long life in the home décor market.
  • GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: Hexagonal Geometric tiles are the most popular tiles when it comes to the segment of Geometric Patterns. Add two colors, contrasting each other and what you will have with you is one great floor design that will look ever so crisp, and will always be soothing to the eyes.

Options available in this segment of the market are infinite. There are things to match up with your taste of color, shape, shine or mood. The tile trends listed above are the ones that have created an impact on the market of home décor in the last year or will continue to create an impact in the times to come. Therefore, choose wisely as your home will always be a reflection of your true self. Make sure you have got professional trusted natural stone supplier like stoneage.

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Have you got bored of the flooring your home has? Well, how about having natural stone floor tiles? Doesn’t it sound interesting? No? Continue reading the blog as you never know by the end of this blog you might end up changing your mind and can’t resist installing natural stone flooring!

Keep aside the design or style you have in mind for a minute, and imagine having a tile flooring to add an extra elegance to your home’s decor. The variety of stone materials and designs that we offer helps you to make your space even more stylish and unique. Carpet or wooden floors stand nowhere in-front of natural stone flooring when it comes to durability. Tile flooring would definitely be a sensible investment that achieves an unmatched, high-end look in any room. 

Being one of the most trusted Indonesian natural stone manufacturers, we believe that it is our responsibility that we provide a wide range and quality-assured products in various colors, shapes, designs, patterns, textures, and sizes. All our products are exclusively sourced from selected quarries to preserve the optimal authenticity. Our experienced team practices shape raw stones into functional building materials with utmost precision. So scroll through the website and select natural stone tiles that exactly meet your requirements in order to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your indoor and outdoor space in the best way possible.

Eye-catching Décor Styles

If we talk about being modern to rustic, natural tile flooring will be perfect to fit your interior design style. Conventionally, natural stone flooring has been a resilient, time-tested design element that could accompany for as long as you can even think of. The material you choose can lend itself to multiple design styles. Installing natural stone tile flooring would be an effective choice in adding warm tones to your residential space. If you are fond of country style or farmhouse style, we have plenty of tile options available for you which can work well with a comfortable look.

Choosing right materials for flooring

While making the selection of the flooring material, keep every aspect in your mind because it can drastically transform the feel of your home or room. Natural stone gives a classic look that is tough yet beautiful and super-easy to maintain. These tiles offer phenomenal style and durability. The endless options in natural tile flooring can easily fit any budget and style, from modern to traditional, giving you’re the flexibility to create your own custom pattern without any stress.

Tile can also be considered as an ideal option for most visited areas in your home, providing matchless style and effortless maintenance. Our reliable store offers an excellent resource if you want to learn more about the variety of natural stone materials available.

Transform Your Home like Never Before

Now since we have read so much about the Natural stone flooring, it has various designs, sizes, and patterns that it’s easy to find one that can perfectly complement your home interiors. So now whether you’re thinking for something classic or inimitable, it’s likely to transform your residential or commercial space using natural stone tile flooring.

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Best Natural Stone Flooring Tile for HomeThe first thing when people visit your home notice about the tiles and roofing of your home. It is essential to choose tiles, which adds extra beauty to your home. Natural tiles that are from natural stones or pebbles will enhance the beauty of your home. Natural stone tiles drifted and became the latest hit for interior designing and an essential need for flooring

Why natural stones should be used?

  • Natural tiles exaggerate the beauty of the house and give a pleasant look to the interior design of the home.
  • These tiles are eye-catching long resistance and fire-resistant.
  • Natural tiles are unique in their appearance, so you need to choose the perfect matching to fix the tiles.
  • A home with natural tiles has more resale value when compared to a house that is using ceramic and mosaic flooring.
  • Natural tiles are not slippery when compared to typical tiles, and it enhances the safety of yours too
  • Natural tiles are made up of hard materials which are long resistant and can suit for extreme weather condition.

What are the natural tiles available?

There are five popular tiles available.

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Basalt

Why choose natural tiles?

Natural stone Flooring

  • Natural tiles are authentic because we have a wide range of options and designs to choose  and it also gives a ravishing look to your home
  • Natural tiles are mined from quarries, but you cannot find two tiles similar, so when every tile of your home looks different it gives attraction to flooring.
  • Natural tiles are durable than ceramic tiles, but you should also be little cautious to prevent it from stains on the floor, which will make its uniqueness to lose.
  • Natural tiles add natural beauty to your home, and it has a classic and stylish look
  • Natural tiles are congenial, and it requires less maintenance
  • Natural tiles help in keeping the room cooler than standard times as it is adaptable for warm countries.
  • Natural stone tiles have a clear stone surface, and it is suitable for people who have pets so that hygiene can be maintained
  • A regular mob can be used to clean the floor, and it is easy to clean.


Tiles add beauty to your home. Natural tiles are prominent for its durability, and it also gives an aesthetic look to your home by which your resale value is higher than any other tile. Choose the right natural tile for your home and enhance the beauty of your home. Choosing the best tile would help you in the perfect interior of your home and make people enquire about your purchase of tiles, which will make you happy and not regret the money spent on the interior of your home.