How you can get beautiful and rigid natural kitchen floor tiles at competitive prices

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Using tiles on the kitchen floor is always a good choice. Tiles are hard, water-resistant, durable and keep off stains. They also help in beautifying the look of your kitchen. With the variety of kitchen floor tiles available in the market today in a huge array of shapes, styles and colors you might find it difficult to pick the best flooring idea to blossom the look of your kitchen at the best competitive price. Here, we will guide you on how to pick the best kitchen tile at the most competitive price. But before that, you need to have a clear idea of the different types of kitchen tiles.

Types of natural kitchen floor tiles

Indonesian is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiles specially designed to give your home a classy and beautiful look. Some of the varieties of natural kitchen tiles are:

  • Ceramic Tiles – This type of tiles is made of clay and other minerals like talc and is recommended for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. You will get them in both glossy and matte finish. One of the key advantages of a ceramic tile is, it is reasonably priced. 
  • Slate Tiles – This is a type of natural stone that is also fit for high-traffic areas at home. These are not only durable but also skid and stain resistant making them ideal for kitchen flooring. 
  • Granite Tiles – Granite is a skid-resistant material that has reduced risk from getting etched by the slipping of soda, coffee or other acidic liquids. It is not only durable but cheap too. But maintenance of this type of tile is really tough. 
  • Saltillo Tiles – If you want to attain a Mediterranean look in their kitchen, you should go for Saltillo tiles. These are handmade clay floor tiles that are aesthetically appealing. They are very delicate and requires regular sealing and maintenance.

Why opt for natural tiles for your kitchen?

Natural stone tiles are an excellent flooring choice that adds elegance to the indoor space. Natural tiles are ideal for the hot summer months to keep your home cool. Stone tiles are highly versatile and work best for fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchens. Natural tiles are available in unpredictable colors and textures and stunning designs. They not only enhance the functionality but also easy to clean.

Get tiles at a competitive price

If you look around you will come across a unique collection of natural tiles in different patterns and styles made up of original Indonesian stone. In Indonesia, there are many trusted natural stone manufacturer and supplier offering an extensive variety of products in different designs, colors, shapes, textures patterns and sizes. There are many online stores selling natural tiles you need to individually get in touch with them through their Contact Us segment and ask for a quotation. You will find that they are selling tiles at conceivable price brackets. Decide on your budget so that you can narrow down your choices and it becomes easier to take the decision.